Sunday, April 3, 2011

kami yg stress, semalam

Cerita semalam..

Lps blk kerja, aku beria-ria nak jumpa si kembar..
Cara aku habiskan weekend dgn senyuman..

*dah besar bdk2 ni*

ok, then..

tetibe bff 1 pn msg..
"jom kua, ak stress."
aku; "ok, kul 3.30pm."
*bff 1 - gurl ok*

dlm hati;
byk nye benda nak cite..
pnt simpan seminggu ni..
xtaw dah nak luah kat sape..

kereta bff 2 pn sampai..
*bff 2 - guy, cute guy.. cute?? boleh laa*
alamak, skali bff 2 bwk member lak..
lelaki ok!
plan nak luahkan prasaan akan diteruskan..
name member besh blh thn, Khalis..
Name yg bff 1 suke..
kitorang pun cube kenenkan..
menjadi @ tidak, kita tunggu..
coz en. khalis a.k.a consultant suda belanja kitorang makan..
and asyik kata bff 1 mcm sorang gurl yg die penah suke..
wahhhhhhhhhh not bad!
tp siyes dia prasan x ckp dgn die, tp die asik mnympuk..

jgn mkn waffle kat A&W.
x sedap ok..
pic hanya duniawi..
*different tastes for different people..*

back to the ori story..
aku dgn bff 1 stress coz......................................................................
kitorang dah dapat keje, tp kena tolak..
punya laa kitorang mkn byk gile td,
gelak gile2 tp dlm hati sadis,
pandangan 0..
entah laa..
bak kata bff 2,
"Hari ni Allah SWT berikan hujan sebab nanti DIA nak berikan pelangi.."
wahh jiweng plak bff 2..
hujan airmata jap dlm hati..
entah laa kan..
mungkin ada rezeki lain nnt..

Establish your reason

People reject a job offer with their own reasons. Some of them:

  1. Salary expectation, i.e. the employer is unable to meet your expected salary as according to what you have indicated or wished to get. Getting stalled in salary negotiation is possibly the most popular reason people abandon their job offer

  2. Another job offer. Another offer from another company comes up and between the rock and the hard place, you have a choice to make. For certain things, you cannot have two at the same time. So one must go.

  3. Terms of offer. For example, sometimes, you go for interview under the impression that the job is a permanent. However, when the employer indicates their intention to hire you under a contractual term (either directly with them or through a third party), you are not prepared to take it.

  4. Personal reason. Perhaps, you find out something about the supervisor which is not to your liking, or notice there is someone in the team where you are not having a good term with. By now you should know that working with someone you hate is detrimental professionally, mentally, and sometimes…physically.

  5. You are testing the market. You’re not really active looking for job but somehow your itchiness defeats you and makes you jump into the job seekeing pool. Sometimes, you are approached by a head hunter, and you want to be taken a ride.

    But establishing your reason here does not mean preparing an absolute answer to the employer. For example, if you’re telling theemployer you’re not accepting the offer because you’re just assessing your market value, you are certain to invoke the wrath of the employer you rejected.

    As a result, you will perhaps be cursed to no end for wasting their time in the first place. To be on the save side, suffice for you to say that “after considering all the options and evaluating the offer from many aspects, I decided not to pursue with this offer.”

Choose your weapon

To reject your job offer courteously, some say write a reject letter. But just like what Monica told Chandler in the Friends popular sitcom, “you don’t need to do everything Dr. Phil tells you to do.” In straight forward term, convey your rejection in the most convenient way as you think. The best method probably means telling them off over the phone, and a follow through via email. The first (phone) indicates your decision to turn down the offer, while the latter affirms you decision, and make your decision official in a documented manner.

Writing a formal letter is not a compulsory requirement, but it is not wrong either. It is a gesture of adding an extra spice of courtesy. So, if you’re thinking to write one, by all means, do so. And do it tactfully.

It is better to reject a job offer than leaving a job too soon

Never think that by declining your job offer, you’re burning the bridges with the prospective employer. Like said before, be smart and be sensible by thinking long term. Think about this. You accept a job offer of which you’re not sure of, then come a month later, you realize that the job or the organization is not for you. You tender your resignation. Who wins? None. Both of you are in the losing end. Theemployer lost their precious resources through the hiring cost and training, and you smear your own name for making too hasty a decision. So do not feel that by rejecting a job offer, you are becoming a devil. Things could be worse if you decide to take the offer which is not yours in the writing. For the best of interest, make a wise move.