Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Why and How I Decided to Wear the Hijab

Maybe it was anxiety, maybe I was thinking too much,

but I recently could not stop thinking about the idea of loss.

How does one handle loss? What if I lose my loved one? What if I lose my family?

How do I live without my husband? How will I ever gather strength if someone I love goes away before I do?

I wasn’t sure if I wanted answers or just some calmness to stop myself from thinking too much.

Allah. I told myself that for each thought I was thinking, for each answer I was seeking; think of Allah.

He who knows best. He who knows there must be rain.

Redha. For each loss I should experience, know that it is written. That Allah knows best.

There is life after death.

I began wearing the hijab not just because.

Not because of looks, not because of style, not simply because it is a new year.

I want to join Allah in Jannah one day.

I want to live in Heaven with my husband and my entire family forever when the day comes.

I want my loved ones to be in Heaven and not suffer for my sins.

Allah has given us so much. I want to learn all the ways to thank Him.

Submission to Allah.

I am still learning.

— Azalia Suhaimi

*I'm happy 4 u. and I wish I'll do someday..ameen*